100 Drops - [Chess]
Pred 8 dnevi
100 Drops - [Salty Towers]
One Day - [Iron Man]
Pred 4 meseci
100 Drops - [Among Us]
20 Drops - [Fortnite RTX]
100 Drops - [Fall Guys]
One Day - [Eternal Knight]
100 Drops - [The Grotto]
One Day - [Midas]
Pred 10 meseci
1000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]
Mille Broman
Mille Broman Pred 22 urami
69 327
Mille Broman
Mille Broman Pred 22 urami
69 326
Irish May Superioridad
Irish May Superioridad Pred 22 urami
So I download he's world then i explore the world and I saw a mob farm so I try that and because I did not try building a mob farm before so yeah thank luke
Carly Downer
Carly Downer Pred 22 urami
I tried asking her she was confused if you don’t know who she is I am talking about my mum
John Gaming
John Gaming Pred 23 urami
Its funney the cat is on the coldrin with water and cats don't like water
Quiz Vlogs
Quiz Vlogs Pred 23 urami
I thought they were diamonds so I pee’d myself a little Lmaoo boii a fool
pennywise scary
pennywise scary Pred 23 urami
I spent my time reading whats in his chest
AVS PlaysROBLOX Pred 23 urami
Fortnitemares 2020 was the best one
Anvi Joshi
Anvi Joshi Pred 23 urami
I wish i cud do this. I'm in bedrock and nothing spawns
Haroun Yusuf
Haroun Yusuf Pred 23 urami
they bully me for being a default and i obliterate them
Junaid Haroon
Junaid Haroon Pred 23 urami
3000 days minecraft
Erin Potappel
Erin Potappel Pred 23 urami
Please please do 3000 days
tracy sharp
tracy sharp Pred 23 urami
f for the villagers
Sami Cooper
Sami Cooper Pred 23 urami
If you ever do 3000 days make the skyrail again and every now and then build a cloud to make it look a tad nicer
Pineapplesses Pred 23 urami
break your crops with a fortune 3 tool, it doesnt ruin the durability and it gives you way more crops in return
XxxMemeLordxxX Pred 23 urami
I made a gallery of the stupid comments on this video
Benjamin Spiller
Benjamin Spiller Pred 23 urami
this is pretty spicy
Knaby 142
Knaby 142 Pred 23 urami
When will new vedio came
Random Studios Unlimited
Random Studios Unlimited Pred 23 urami
I’ve watched this video more times then I’ve watched the original 100
farrisfam12 Pred 23 urami
3000 days
sniplol Pred 23 urami
Dragontuber M
Dragontuber M Pred 23 urami
interviewer : why are you cruel ltn : monny
Sven Posavec
Sven Posavec Pred dnevom
Im using beds to find netherite...
Gaming with Sam
Gaming with Sam Pred 23 urami
Then you are doing it the wrong way you fan you use tnt DA LUKE THE NOTABLE WAY
Antoni Kurek
Antoni Kurek Pred dnevom
This is less popular than 1000 days
Doggo And squish
Doggo And squish Pred dnevom
Luke: everything the light touches is my property The sun: am I a joke to you
Lightning Pred dnevom
Wait whats that game though
Berk Ülker
Berk Ülker Pred dnevom
pig benis
pig benis Pred dnevom
do mobile legends
kaleb beale
kaleb beale Pred dnevom
20:24 you you didnt make a joke about the day 69
Sorcha Mackay
Sorcha Mackay Pred dnevom
steve paul
steve paul Pred dnevom
"I think most of us probably would" is an insperational quote said by an insperational youtuber
You are a good youtuber.
DEATH D 4 Pred dnevom
Man, you're lying at the beginning of the video. The nember was 69 but when you start the game it was empty
An Indian Homosapien
An Indian Homosapien Pred dnevom
Speedrunners: Hmm what?
AROGYAGURUNG 21D816 Pred dnevom
Pls play valorant
Hassan Pred dnevom
1:12:12 is boring
Jp Camagay
Jp Camagay Pred dnevom
Idol can u make 3000 days in minecraft plssss
Gaming with Sam
Gaming with Sam Pred 23 urami
You no listen to him he says if he alive he make more if he die he dont
Guitarwala Pred dnevom
juno 65
juno 65 Pred dnevom
Would you do this but with a full team of people that you play with every match
Valde Nilsson
Valde Nilsson Pred dnevom
This serie i will never forget
minkle madness
minkle madness Pred dnevom
so you are seperating the colours of horses whites from blacks that dont seem right
Mysterious Gamer RM
Mysterious Gamer RM Pred dnevom
Mythalieon Pred dnevom
4:23 was the that a p1hlzA reference
mr sobchak
mr sobchak Pred dnevom
Why do you call the white stuff everyone knows you're talkin about cocaine just say it
strategy rabbit
strategy rabbit Pred dnevom
Give me the seed for the world now or the wirlther will be at your door next game
Royce The dude
Royce The dude Pred dnevom
How come there is nearly so much early comments
Cale Jas
Cale Jas Pred dnevom
Only Kemal
Only Kemal Pred dnevom
The video was published in 2020 what do you mean "FIRST"
No 🎈
John Smith
John Smith Pred dnevom
No your not
Joseph Carroll
Joseph Carroll Pred dnevom
how do you do it cool
Joseph Carroll
Joseph Carroll Pred dnevom
Tamer14 Pred dnevom
8:41 they were on cams. Not random vote
Abel Cole
Abel Cole Pred dnevom
When you see the 4 block high sugar cane... wait what! 🧐
Kyle Molto
Kyle Molto Pred dnevom
I just came from the 2000 day to watch the start again and holy moly it’s so naked lol
Alexander Cano
Alexander Cano Pred dnevom
More chess
I am adopted by the Lord
I am adopted by the Lord Pred dnevom
who is going to tell him he called bastions nether fortresses
nadine hopkins
nadine hopkins Pred dnevom
Joe Nakisa
Joe Nakisa Pred dnevom
Sand: exists Luke: no
di BOI
di BOI Pred dnevom
philza survived 5 irl years in hardcore, just sayin.
cheese is neat
cheese is neat Pred dnevom
Me watching this knowing I'm poorer af in mc
Roland Vendland
Roland Vendland Pred dnevom
More chess
Form Scoper
Form Scoper Pred dnevom
Day : 1059 : cover me with netherite 😎
STEVE BROWN Pred dnevom
The zombie died Didn’t you forget
Gaming with Sam
Gaming with Sam Pred 22 urami
Um yeah ik he killed a lot
Zeromain 43
Zeromain 43 Pred dnevom
Yea I totally have inheritor just ignore the fact that I’m lying
Jerr Pred dnevom
The funny thing is he hade 106 xp and now 39
a weird word approved
a weird word approved Pred dnevom
I want more please
a weird word approved
a weird word approved Pred dnevom
This is the best april fool joke everyone expect 3000 days but go 100 drops
Isaac Thomas
Isaac Thomas Pred dnevom
I'm doing a super flat its hard
Jordan Villavicencio
Jordan Villavicencio Pred dnevom
Fun fact: I gat an ad called notable nurses before the video
OllietheOne Ynion
OllietheOne Ynion Pred dnevom
._. wut
Jordan Villavicencio
Jordan Villavicencio Pred dnevom
Fun fact: this came out on my bday and I didn't know it existed
Mythalieon Pred dnevom
Best birthday present ever
Huskerpsycho Pred dnevom
Has anyone noticed Luke sounds a lot like blitz?
Hatt Pred dnevom
This is like a TV show
nes bros.
nes bros. Pred dnevom
holy shit this video has a million likes jesus fuckin crust
Captain Price
Captain Price Pred dnevom
Flat earthers worlds be like:
DOUMIEZZ Pred dnevom
The "black stone forretress" is a bastion. The more you know
Mikey VR
Mikey VR Pred dnevom
12:02 my guy suuusss
Liam Mcilwain
Liam Mcilwain Pred dnevom
where do we download the world?
Osm Gamer
Osm Gamer Pred dnevom
@Pranav78 OH THAKS
Pranav78 Pred dnevom
In the world tour
Osm Gamer
Osm Gamer Pred dnevom
RAM Pred dnevom
I just wanted to chill and realize everyone is commenting recently
RAM Pred dnevom
@Jayden Jackson enjoy lol
Jayden Jackson
Jayden Jackson Pred dnevom
@RAM im watching rn
RAM Pred dnevom
@Jayden Jackson very
Jayden Jackson
Jayden Jackson Pred dnevom
this vid is addicting
Zeromain 43
Zeromain 43 Pred dnevom
Actually the katana is free on mcc but that’s mcc so it doesn’t really count
Kdall W
Kdall W Pred dnevom
What is your cat's name irl Luke??? Everyone else you can reply also😊😊😊
Meme Gamer
Meme Gamer Pred dnevom
200 days in superflat?
Ethan Kerr
Ethan Kerr Pred dnevom
Alternate title: MomMy COmE wATCh mE GO oN Da dIViNG bOaRd
Red spartan
Red spartan Pred dnevom
You should build a basement connected to your Tower that goes all the way down to bedrock
Red spartan
Red spartan Pred dnevom
In straight line