Minecraft ULTIMATE Tournament with Luke TheNotable and SocksFor1

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Luke TheNotable

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What's going on Minecraft fans my name is Luke TheNotable. Today I played in the Minecraft Ultimate Tournament with the one and only Socksfor1 (slpost.info) This is one of the largest Minecraft tournaments to ever exist so I am honored to be a part of it. Thank you to Socksfor1 for being my teammate! Enjoy!
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Dario Banuelos
Dario Banuelos Pred 5 dnevi
Techno never dies
Dario Banuelos
Dario Banuelos Pred 5 dnevi
Lol looks cute
liz aa
liz aa Pred 21 dnevom
6:19 it’s techno plane
Karley Drahos
Karley Drahos Pred 25 dnevi
the most epic battle ever godzila and kong: what about us? your irrelevant
billybooha Pred mesecem
i feel bad you look sad
Paul The Waffle Man
Paul The Waffle Man Pred mesecem
s o c k s f o r 1
Ryker ?
Ryker ? Pred mesecem
GENEGAMING Pred mesecem
So luke knows socks hmmmm
indiana jonah
indiana jonah Pred mesecem
Socks and Luke in 1 video, HOLY POGG
mel mags
mel mags Pred mesecem
they should do a 100 days or 50 days while they collect then on the last day they fight to the death ot they could play RL craft? pick say 1 if 1v1 or 2 if RL craft
Heath Farmer
Heath Farmer Pred mesecem
Sock: Dont think they saw you Animal Army following luke.
SKULL88 yeet
SKULL88 yeet Pred mesecem
Crimson Ash
Crimson Ash Pred mesecem
What a crossover
Zachary Steinhardt
Zachary Steinhardt Pred mesecem
Yes! Luke and Socks! My fav you tubers.
Zain Ross
Zain Ross Pred mesecem
Wait I thought I saw Fitmc
Ben Saunders
Ben Saunders Pred mesecem
1 hour later from when he started techno blade comes to destroy them
french man
french man Pred mesecem
Oh wow it's technoblade
8-Bit_Raptor Pred mesecem
I was saying, "The crossover of the decade" then got half rick rolled by an AD
bruh moment
bruh moment Pred mesecem
you would demolish EVERYONE with Technoblade
Discord ACC
Discord ACC Pred mesecem
here we have the two men who have survived the most in minecraft Two legends are playin together
Alyssa Blakeley
Alyssa Blakeley Pred mesecem
LIGUY 123 Pred mesecem
The vid is exactly 10 mins, ON THE DOT
Zachary Dalton
Zachary Dalton Pred mesecem
Burhan Khan
Burhan Khan Pred mesecem
100days Socksfor1xLuke
Connorgamer96 Pred mesecem
Love the beard of whatever the is.
mehoimonanaa Pred mesecem
Play with meme god
mehoimonanaa Pred mesecem
Play with tbvg
mehoimonanaa Pred mesecem
Play with blaza
amirul choudhury
amirul choudhury Pred mesecem
I'm more of a fan of socks for 1i just saw this in the top
Theodore Pollock
Theodore Pollock Pred mesecem
should have invited Techno
Sans afton
Sans afton Pred mesecem
LukeTheNoteAble: 2000 days Socksfor1: 2000 days but with mods Me: it's like it was meant to be
Dreamy Pred 2 meseci
So your telling me 114155 years went into this tournament..... *Thas kinda sus Ngl*
Diego Cruz
Diego Cruz Pred 2 meseci
Lucie Bentley
Lucie Bentley Pred 3 meseci
Wow you played with socksfor1
Jayne Parker
Jayne Parker Pred 3 meseci
The hard-core moder team
Ardalan Elbaz
Ardalan Elbaz Pred 3 meseci
Gabe Boy
Gabe Boy Pred 3 meseci
1:01 TUBBO
Ryker ?
Ryker ? Pred 3 meseci
This colab was long awaited
Nugget God
Nugget God Pred 3 meseci
The gods are clashing.
Spenccool Pred 3 meseci
Rafael Abujen
Rafael Abujen Pred 3 meseci
minecraft hardcore duo with mods
Larry Ferras
Larry Ferras Pred 3 meseci
Kaito Winterson
Kaito Winterson Pred 3 meseci
Hehe ya boi bigist calab ever epic
Mason Doyle
Mason Doyle Pred 3 meseci
You two the best SLposters
Wisniewski Family
Wisniewski Family Pred 3 meseci
I likes your beard, it looks good on you
Jurassic park kid
Jurassic park kid Pred 3 meseci
My 2 fav you tuebers
Senne Bauts
Senne Bauts Pred 3 meseci
one piece fan
one piece fan Pred 3 meseci
Serious boi and not serious boi team up
kim theresa gonzales
kim theresa gonzales Pred 3 meseci
Ultimate team up of 2021 My dreams have come true
kim theresa gonzales
kim theresa gonzales Pred 3 meseci
Full diamonds
Gameroid Pred 3 meseci
For like one frame I saw tubbo in this
David Quinby
David Quinby Pred 3 meseci
i saw Tubbo
Logan Coscarart
Logan Coscarart Pred 3 meseci
Ben Barratt
Ben Barratt Pred 3 meseci
omg socks for 1
Tommyinnit go brrr
Tommyinnit go brrr Pred 3 meseci
Venomouse Game
Venomouse Game Pred 3 meseci
I've waited so long for this
Chrono Kin
Chrono Kin Pred 3 meseci
ToP in a nutshell.
Hiran Chandra De
Hiran Chandra De Pred 3 meseci
8:24 jack!!!! Jacksucksatlife
Enzo Maximilian
Enzo Maximilian Pred 3 meseci
tecno no
G-N Films
G-N Films Pred 3 meseci
I love socksfor1
Stan Amis
Stan Amis Pred 3 meseci
When you're 2 favorite Minecraft players play together
lil pop tart
lil pop tart Pred 3 meseci
he's an old man!!!!
Epicooldude123 Pred 3 meseci
Who else just found out that LTN's real name is Luke 👁👄👁
Smither Boi
Smither Boi Pred 3 meseci
It’s weird seeing tubbo and Ltn in the same place
Wut Cat
Wut Cat Pred 3 meseci
Saw tubbo and fit mc
Gab Lava
Gab Lava Pred 3 meseci
Socks for 1? You mean that guy who ripped off your 100 days videos? Hahah lol
Dark Vertex
Dark Vertex Pred 3 meseci
1:03 tubbo
Justletlead ,
Justletlead , Pred 3 meseci
he should not have said mike hawk
Yen Famfors
Yen Famfors Pred 3 meseci
God Luke your face it is beautiful
212th-Yvonne Pred 3 meseci
Oh my god that beard is amazing
SwellChicken46 Pred 3 meseci
It’s funny how you and socks, two people that got to 1000 days in Minecraft (you doing hardcore and him doing modded) got out together.
terminator1000 ougtifv
terminator1000 ougtifv Pred 3 meseci
mike hawk lol
ImpaledBerry Pred 3 meseci
s o c k 4 1
tofgaming 1106
tofgaming 1106 Pred 3 meseci
Who has seen @tubbo_ in this video
Kevin Wingo
Kevin Wingo Pred 3 meseci
I saw tubbo at 1:03
just a normal kid gaming
just a normal kid gaming Pred 3 meseci
Ah yes, the battle of the god of mod vs the god of survival
LOLGamer 98
LOLGamer 98 Pred 3 meseci
I think I saw Tubbo in the mix
Gian sagario
Gian sagario Pred 3 meseci
everybody gangsta till technoplane comes in
Crazy Cat
Crazy Cat Pred 3 meseci
You are both two of my favorite youtubers
Jax Outlawerd
Jax Outlawerd Pred 3 meseci
Omg I love the two channels I haven’t gotten far in the vid yet but I’m excited :D
Kaiden is good at rocket league
Kaiden is good at rocket league Pred 3 meseci
No Turtle Beach
Pingu Noot
Pingu Noot Pred 3 meseci
OMG I remember watching this stream of my 2 favorite Minecraft SLpostrs :)
Kickstart Pred 3 meseci
I'm 90% sure the guy with the elytra was the pig that never dies
TheFoxGamer 1
TheFoxGamer 1 Pred 3 meseci
cant have been him, pretty sure this was the first Minecraft ultimate tournament and techno played in the second one.
End Potion
End Potion Pred 3 meseci
is it just me or did i just get rick rolled by an add while watching this?
Jaydis Yu
Jaydis Yu Pred 3 meseci
caseoink Pred 3 meseci
Joebert Medil
Joebert Medil Pred 3 meseci
Im a fan of socksfor1 he does among us mods im a fan of you to
sjaakoeskoes !
sjaakoeskoes ! Pred 3 meseci
Ahh YEZZ my 2 fav minecraft yters POG
Swati Naik
Swati Naik Pred 3 meseci
1:13 fitmc
raimimr mr
raimimr mr Pred 3 meseci
Hey Luke do a 100 days in modded minecraft with sockfor1 pls
You udur fool
You udur fool Pred 3 meseci
The two best known 100 days minecrafters as a team, sadly they lost to the blade
Self The Kitty
Self The Kitty Pred 3 meseci
Hemostatic Pred 3 meseci
Welcome to find your youtuber Comment a time stamp whenever you see a youtuber
StarLight YT
StarLight YT Pred 3 meseci
When you find out Socks is playing with LTN Hype intensifies*
Aeron Salcedo
Aeron Salcedo Pred 3 meseci
I love socksfor1
Logan Mix
Logan Mix Pred 3 meseci
The new jearomeASF
cherry lite
cherry lite Pred 3 meseci
Does anyone think he looks like iron man?
Myles Piper
Myles Piper Pred 3 meseci
hold on what happened to the part where you were killed by technoblade
Scharroth Pred 3 meseci
Beardo Makes Luke notably Attractive
Friendly_Kitten69 Pred 3 meseci
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