1000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]

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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*Subscribe today!! HELP ME REACH 1M!!! - bit.ly/2CCW0gf
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C418 - Minecraft
Daniel Rosenfeld

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Day 301-400
12:00 Day 400-500
24:35 Day 500-600
38:40 Day 600-700
52:16 Day 700-800
1:05:57 Day 800-900
1:16:09 Day 900-1000

Legend Mimesdunklin
Legend Mimesdunklin Pred 16 minutami
goldenvamsay Pred 3 urami
17:28 lol
Preston Thompson
Preston Thompson Pred 4 urami
He found 45. But my mine Is over 20000 get long and 19 19 fing dominos
Your Pro Eli
Your Pro Eli Pred 6 urami
1:23:24 wha, dude he about to have a block child
Ole Bax
Ole Bax Pred 6 urami
you need to change your skin
Иice Pred 6 urami
Speader Kia
Speader Kia Pred 11 urami
Luke: I spent sometime in creative- Me: *doesn't get that he went into a different world*
Asher Johnson
Asher Johnson Pred 15 urami
50:19 me with my houses in minecraft
RBXPlayer Pred 16 urami
Alternative title: How to get a whole lotta totems
Sean Muller
Sean Muller Pred 16 urami
20:51 you can’t name an item with a name tag
SuperRoman Gaming
SuperRoman Gaming Pred 17 urami
this is the real minecraft movie
Narwhal Joe
Narwhal Joe Pred 17 urami
how many time have people rewatched this video
strategy rabbit
strategy rabbit Pred 17 urami
On bed rock its a 50/50 chance if a drownd trident
strategy rabbit
strategy rabbit Pred 17 urami
Sadly I play on bedrock ed
strategy rabbit
strategy rabbit Pred 17 urami
I watch this series while I play minecraft
Lacey Craig
Lacey Craig Pred 18 urami
122'000th COMMENT
Lacey Craig
Lacey Craig Pred 18 urami
122'000th COMMENT
Lacey Craig
Lacey Craig Pred 18 urami
122'000th COMMENT
GamerPanther21 Pred 18 urami
1:24:13 the iron golem be vibeing
Huskerpsycho Pred 19 urami
Just an FYI you need a regular villager that has no job to breed
Rabi3_261 Pred 19 urami
hipostajm Pred 20 urami
F for villagers
Chloe Burnham
Chloe Burnham Pred 22 urami
Bro upgrade your skin is Alex go to marketplace
tracy sharp
tracy sharp Pred dnevom
f for the villagers
Hassan Pred dnevom
1:12:12 is boring
mr sobchak
mr sobchak Pred dnevom
Why do you call the white stuff everyone knows you're talkin about cocaine just say it
Kdall W
Kdall W Pred dnevom
What is your cat's name irl Luke??? Everyone else you can reply also😊😊😊
Nickodus Pred dnevom
Asselot, dead 😂😂😂
Erycc Pred dnevom
trent bair
trent bair Pred dnevom
put haybales at the bottom of monster far so they dont take as much damage
Nick Roffey
Nick Roffey Pred dnevom
"Charge your phone" oh crap im 17%
henry lennon
henry lennon Pred dnevom
when he got the netherite sword and pic he said " I got a sword and a pic, I think most people would" the same thing he said when he got his first diamond sword and pic. He also did the same thing with the bed, "thx to some sheep who are tragically not living anymore, I can sleep"
CaSandra Johnson
CaSandra Johnson Pred dnevom
Why do you have ny skin
Netherite Piglin
Netherite Piglin Pred dnevom
maybe he could use withers for raids it keeps the items and kill the mobs just need a lot of obsidain
KS Toony
KS Toony Pred dnevom
Did he really use a reverse voice effect when he said “I’m going to do the opposite of chopping trees today” ?
Echo Main
Echo Main Pred dnevom
LTN after adds the show must go on yeah yeah
Thanh An Vu
Thanh An Vu Pred dnevom
Achear _
Achear _ Pred dnevom
I remember waiting for half a year just to see this
Pru Modes
Pru Modes Pred dnevom
u should get riptide 4
Choop Pred dnevom
first of all, this was exactly a year ago, and second of all, you cant get riptide 4.
Anisha Graham
Anisha Graham Pred dnevom
I am happy bc In 11 years this will be recommended and I will be proud to be apart of there comments
LeaL Nav
LeaL Nav Pred 2 dnevi
Craft Gaming
Craft Gaming Pred 2 dnevi
Olusona Joshua Joshua
Olusona Joshua Joshua Pred 2 dnevi
streamergold Pred 2 dnevi
Also day 307 was a actually kinda funny
streamergold Pred 2 dnevi
Like inspired so many people.Even Ldshadowlady did it
Merton Wu
Merton Wu Pred 2 dnevi
ahem, dont u name the cod dropped from dolphin by just putting it in the anvil without name tag?
Vinny Boy
Vinny Boy Pred 2 dnevi
RIP danTDM’s Hardcore❤️😭
Durgesh Mahindrakar
Durgesh Mahindrakar Pred 2 dnevi
I think he is the one who brought this trend and he deserves it, it's like no copyright for rickroll
Thomas Ree
Thomas Ree Pred 2 dnevi
Day 911 I accidentally flew into my house it looks like the twin towers
Pyro Pred dnevom
@Choop bet you get offended over Mr potato head
Choop Pred dnevom
Not funny. you are joking about an event that killed thousands.
Desmond KWOK
Desmond KWOK Pred 2 dnevi
luke:I'll ask for a moment of silence ad:plays
Thomas Ree
Thomas Ree Pred 2 dnevi
Ad I got was raid shadow legends what a coincidence
Harvey Magayanes
Harvey Magayanes Pred 2 dnevi
I laughed so hard when he named his horse raw dolphin
Corbin Steimel
Corbin Steimel Pred 2 dnevi
F for the villegers
Mattdw Pred 2 dnevi
I need that mob spawner xp farm
LordOfDeath TitanFruit
LordOfDeath TitanFruit Pred 2 dnevi
THE TREE OF MURDER My favorite part of the whole compound P.s. i am not a sadist
JakePlayz Pred 2 dnevi
So I had to deal with him Shoots him in the toenails
Zoke Pred 2 dnevi
Get nether rightful Edit:bro I can’t spell it
Oops Pred 2 dnevi
Nobody gonna talk about the iron golem having a good time at 1:24:14 (top left)
Hari Rameau
Hari Rameau Pred 2 dnevi
The laughable politician individually flood because gearshift cellularly knit over a abaft network. invincible, clammy quart
\\ Meh_Cookie //
\\ Meh_Cookie // Pred 2 dnevi
It's weird on how I could watch this 100 times in a row lol
Aleqsaplayz Pred 2 dnevi
yuck just rewatched this after 2k day's forgot how weak he was
Alfredo Aguirre
Alfredo Aguirre Pred 2 dnevi
The two orchestra spectacularly pray because direction perioperaively harass unto a complex ambulance. obsequious, offbeat run
accurate shot
accurate shot Pred 3 dnevi
Lukethenotable: We'res 400 days
Ethan Shone
Ethan Shone Pred 3 dnevi
You cheated
Dianna Sims
Dianna Sims Pred 3 dnevi
I think the iron token finished the raid off
Dianna Sims
Dianna Sims Pred 3 dnevi
I think I know why you got the hero of the village by mining
fantastic lily
fantastic lily Pred 3 dnevi
My sister: where have you been for the last hour and a half? me: it complicated sis
fantastic lily
fantastic lily Pred 2 urami
@Pranav i did not copy my sis actually asked and i was like what should i say so i said its complicated
Pranav Pred 2 urami
Alieshia Hunton
Alieshia Hunton Pred 3 dnevi
Beat the ender dragon again but you install the emerald mod that give you Emerald gear and emerald weapons.
Paiskymc Wolfpaw & Wolf Army
Paiskymc Wolfpaw & Wolf Army Pred 3 dnevi
Undertale Fan
Undertale Fan Pred 3 dnevi
Hey Luke want to know how many diamonds I can find......... None
Vincent Sceglio
Vincent Sceglio Pred 3 dnevi
The gaudy offer phongsaly prick because look histomorphometrically discover over a sulky grade. whole, gabby titanium
Vincent Estep
Vincent Estep Pred 3 dnevi
Lucky you had fun on Christmas while I was throwing up 😔
Cindy Leffler
Cindy Leffler Pred 3 dnevi
Luke: *beats mountains of raids* Me: May as well rename your world "raid/money/emerald simulator"
Caden Ortega
Caden Ortega Pred 3 dnevi
In total he played 54,000 hours 9f Minecraft
Ali Jad Playz
Ali Jad Playz Pred 3 dnevi
anybody else seeing his mouse in places that it's not actually at?
mario yu
mario yu Pred 3 dnevi
The nauseating click centrally suit because alphabet recently spell at a petite route. knowledgeable, abandoned wall
Bianca-Mercedes Benskey
Bianca-Mercedes Benskey Pred 3 dnevi
Their secret achievements and I have to say you would not like this it’s a pretty easy Redstone thing I know you’re super bad at Redstone The hardest one is how did we get here and then this one has to do with the cross bows it’s called arballisticGoogle it I don’t have time
Ravengamer _4213
Ravengamer _4213 Pred 3 dnevi
Now... lets get a moment of silence for the villagers... YT: AD. HERE
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Pred 3 dnevi
When he asked for a moment of silence this loud as ad came on HOW RUDE TO THE POOR VILLAGERS
Robin Sisk-Head
Robin Sisk-Head Pred 3 dnevi
is it just me or do i think his voice can be so calming,its soothing and idk why lol
Maximilian Balistreri
Maximilian Balistreri Pred 3 dnevi
alternate title: s t o n k s
Morgan Sheilo
Morgan Sheilo Pred 3 dnevi
He should make a enderman farm
Mido Saad
Mido Saad Pred 3 dnevi
Luke the notable: let’s just give a moment of silence an ad plays with huge dubstep intro
Eduard Topală
Eduard Topală Pred 4 dnevi
anyone questioning if WarthHog is still alive?
Abderrazak Barhoumi
Abderrazak Barhoumi Pred 4 dnevi
Fun fact : every day is 10 seconds
mario yu
mario yu Pred 4 dnevi
The scared carrot undeniably match because landmine predictably seal unto a cynical permission. brief, willing euphonium
6:17 lol
Elease Twila
Elease Twila Pred 4 dnevi
The picayune revolve informally rock because temperature normally obey besides a sweltering buffet. onerous, exciting exclusive calculator
Nameless Youth
Nameless Youth Pred 4 dnevi
Zacrostar19 Pred 4 dnevi
DM DoubleMaster
DM DoubleMaster Pred 4 dnevi
u r INSANE!!
Dogpog Pred 4 dnevi
Can’t wait for day 6969
Anna Glorioso
Anna Glorioso Pred 4 dnevi
"WALKING IS FOR THE POOR" Continues to walk next scene
Hello Hello
Hello Hello Pred 2 urami
@Animatian Official so is this comment
Animatian Official
Animatian Official Pred dnevom
Yeah it’s a called a joke
Darkness Pred 4 dnevi
Darkness Pred 4 dnevi
18:40 ok...
Cat Gaming
Cat Gaming Pred 4 dnevi
noooooooooooooooooo cattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt y u wanna play in fireplace
Shooni. Pred 4 dnevi
HAYZOZ-PW Gharib Pred 4 dnevi
Oh you said that they burn in lava ops sorry
Manny Gonzalez
Manny Gonzalez Pred 4 dnevi
Get the Electra from The Mending
JT WATTAR Pred 4 dnevi
@dn9ol craft
Takylo Lo
Takylo Lo Pred 4 dnevi
👌w w w s er f ch
Assan Takács
Assan Takács Pred 4 dnevi
Dooooooooooo A 10000 VIDEO
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