10 Drops - [Apex Legends Season 5]

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Luke TheNotable

Pred 11 meseci

Download Apex Legends today for PC, PS4 or Xbox: www.inflcr.co/SH2Fp
Apex Legends Season 5 has just dropped! So I dropped it! Here are my first 10 games as well as some exhilarating Apex Pack opening. Several bloodhounds were harmed in the making of this video.

sWax Pred 10 dnevi
4:19 and 4:23 are hilarious
ReflexEU Pred 29 dnevi
Rip Prowler in care package
Rysand Pred mesecem
who's here after apex on switch was announced
Nestor Torres Javiel
Nestor Torres Javiel Pred mesecem
I demand 100 drops
Th3GreenFr0g FR0GSTER
Th3GreenFr0g FR0GSTER Pred mesecem
Play more apex
Amy B
Amy B Pred 3 meseci
4:48 just one more shot
Christopher Hollingsworth
Christopher Hollingsworth Pred 3 meseci
Who's here during season 7
A Canadian
A Canadian Pred 2 meseci
Season 8 for me
urijah plays
urijah plays Pred 3 meseci
Me seeing 2000 days of Minecraft 1:20
Leo Shoemaker29
Leo Shoemaker29 Pred 4 meseci
but too BAD!
Darth Narwhal
Darth Narwhal Pred 4 meseci
100 drops apex pls
RhysXD Crombleholme
RhysXD Crombleholme Pred 4 meseci
So season 7or 8 or did you quit
Saber Hg
Saber Hg Pred 4 meseci
Did he just call a prowler a HAVOC?
pepiking Pred 4 meseci
Do more apex bro....... Thats not a question.. Do it... U dont care if you dont want to.... Do it
Tanish Solanki
Tanish Solanki Pred 5 meseci
On game 4 u have tactical
Austin Cooper
Austin Cooper Pred 5 meseci
My cousin plays this but I don't
Don Volmer
Don Volmer Pred 5 meseci
Make more apex plans I love your content and you will also get more people from the apex player base
X2 specialist
X2 specialist Pred 5 meseci
Get an heirloom
philipe Pred 5 meseci
The G7 and the prowler is a good combo
Bruhhify Pred 5 meseci
555k views Ironic
Idontknow Pred 5 meseci
This was pretty cool. It would be awesome if you played more of it and made like 2 or 1 more video about it. :)
Lunar Limes
Lunar Limes Pred 5 meseci
Best facecam ever, not even lying
Mr. 69
Mr. 69 Pred 5 meseci
Luke was literally Shaggy from Scooby doo the hole time!😂😂
JonzBondz Pred 6 meseci
I was confused why this video felt weird, then I realized it’s live commentary
Jos eph
Jos eph Pred 6 meseci
alex Pred 6 meseci
Pls make more apex videos
I’m wrong but
I’m wrong but Pred 6 meseci
Why did this game die it’s so fun
Gentle Dream
Gentle Dream Pred 7 meseci
Am I the only one who’s waiting till he dropped season 6 10 times
Josef Santos
Josef Santos Pred 7 meseci
Ltn dies in the storm as loba Me a loba main: you have a jumpdrive
Johnnyboi Pred 7 meseci
Bruh the green suit is halarious
UnorthodoxFox Pred 7 meseci
Ah yes it shoots thank God I was thinking it wasn't able too thank god
MrSlice2244 Pred 7 meseci
MrSlice2244 Pred 7 meseci
Make a knew apex vid for season 6
StuffAnIdiotWouldDo aka me
StuffAnIdiotWouldDo aka me Pred 7 meseci
EA took another one by microtransactions
Caleb Sidney
Caleb Sidney Pred 7 meseci
We got ea paying Luke to play the game
Thiccie-Chezze Pred 8 meseci
I think you should play apex on pc it just feels so much better to
Commie Boi
Commie Boi Pred 8 meseci
I love how in another video he made fun of apex and now he sponsored
Snarfa !
Snarfa ! Pred 8 meseci
“That thing shots, im in”
Finley Smith
Finley Smith Pred 8 meseci
That sounds like a good 100 drops
sarccs Pred 8 meseci
You know I think that you should play some more apex, I think it's good for a change
donthitthebeam Pred 8 meseci
Can u do more Apex content?
WolfoPlayz Pred 8 meseci
FLAMINGpizza101 Pred 8 meseci
I'd love to see a hundred drops on apex. Maybe in season 6? This game is way more fun when you get better.
XoticO_O Pred 8 meseci
dinu bolduratu
dinu bolduratu Pred 9 meseci
charlie 16
charlie 16 Pred 9 meseci
Chas Lynch
Chas Lynch Pred 9 meseci
Pls do 100 drops apex. FORTNITE SUCKS!! Edit: tbh it looks like he plays a lot
Cooked Pred 9 meseci
This is pure pain to watch since I’m a diamond 2
These tik toks ain't mine
These tik toks ain't mine Pred 9 meseci
Ngl I would like to play apex with Luke TheNotable
That Blanabs Guy
That Blanabs Guy Pred 9 meseci
Please play more Apex Legends, even though you have very few videos on it, I love them more then any of your other videos. Play it normally without the sponsorship
Tanler Deveny
Tanler Deveny Pred 9 meseci
He should play this WAY more often
catgasm Pred 9 meseci
Maybe dropping pit 100 times?
spookyu_ Pred 9 meseci
did anyone else join before seasons were even a thing? no? ok
royaal and honey Tata
royaal and honey Tata Pred 9 meseci
My family plays apex
Dimitra The preson
Dimitra The preson Pred 9 meseci
Do moar apex legends plz
TheDangerNoodle Pred 9 meseci
Nice facecam
Jodie Daley
Jodie Daley Pred 9 meseci
It’s just like fortnite
Chesse Man
Chesse Man Pred 9 meseci
Bruh because its br does mean it like fortnite
Krabs_11 Pred 9 meseci
Never play this shit game again, even if you’re sponsored.
Arthur Pred 7 meseci
The game is good. Don't be so butt hurt just bc he's not playing Fortnite or Minecraft
Chesse Man
Chesse Man Pred 9 meseci
Why??? Its not hot garbage
the guy who destroys your moms fetus
the guy who destroys your moms fetus Pred 9 meseci
apex is actually really good and no one who hasn’t played since it came out knows
Alexander Cookie
Alexander Cookie Pred 9 meseci
This is a fkin sellout
Arthur Pred 7 meseci
It could be worse, he could be playing today's sponsor: Raid Shadow Legends
Chesse Man
Chesse Man Pred 9 meseci
Bruh would you want money for playing a game
Tsuki Noke
Tsuki Noke Pred 9 meseci
Please do 100 drops apex!
luke harrison
luke harrison Pred 9 meseci
can not watch with a comment on the mastiff I am a Alex og and it made me mad
ChiefAshh Pred 9 meseci
Does apex really need sponsors still damn fortnite didnt need sponsors then
Koki Pred 9 meseci
04:19 °-°
Danimates Pred 9 meseci
i want it to come out on the switch because my brothers play it on ps4
Chesse Man
Chesse Man Pred 9 meseci
It is
Jesse Hamilton
Jesse Hamilton Pred 9 meseci
Hey, LTN. Word of advice: you seem to use the R-301 single fire a lot. Instead of using that, you should use the G7 Scout on Single Fire. The damage per bullet is so much higher than the R-301, and the fire rate is not all that much lower.
q t
q t Pred 9 meseci
Why do people dislike apex his fortnite vids get more likes and views I don’t understand
Arthur Pred 7 meseci
Also, Fortnite is absolute shit and I want it to die, dont @ me
Arthur Pred 7 meseci
Its bc the 9 year olds who dont understand what good quality games are get butt hurt cuz Luke is playing a different game that they say its garbadge, even tho they've never played it
Neil Andrei Lituanas
Neil Andrei Lituanas Pred 9 meseci
Yoo play apex next time on pc
Josef Santos
Josef Santos Pred 9 meseci
Question i just bought loba so what do you think about her is she actually good to use or not?
Chesse Man
Chesse Man Pred 9 meseci
Perfect where she at
Temic Pred 9 meseci
i like luke his content is great but you can tell he dosent want to this lmao
Ritvik Joshi
Ritvik Joshi Pred 9 meseci
Plz play more apex
matthew m
matthew m Pred 9 meseci
Hey EA how much do I have to pay to unlock the rest of this video?
Arthur Pred 7 meseci
Well, you'll need * pay 3 USD to see the rest of this comment *
thesaucydorito Pred 9 meseci
I was about to say 100 times but he have to play with friends
Animalspoon7376 Pred 9 meseci
Bruh his game is still installing
DragonDave77 Pred 9 meseci
Luke: Jumps off Skull into the ocean which one-shots you Also Luke: IT WAS FALL DAMAGE
Max L
Max L Pred 9 meseci
Drop savage 100 times
NoahDoDoubleG Pred 9 meseci
Anyone else think it was funny just watching a floating face scream?
Serban Pralea
Serban Pralea Pred 9 meseci
Do 10 drops în Armed and Dangerous evolved
Titus Parker
Titus Parker Pred 9 meseci
Switch needs to have more 13+ games. Boring content on the Switch for the most part.
Good Names Are Taken
Good Names Are Taken Pred 9 meseci
I mean they have resident evil but that's about it
Kuroki Gensai
Kuroki Gensai Pred 9 meseci
How else notice that he did not mention how thick loba is
Chesse Man
Chesse Man Pred 9 meseci
Bruh apex community isgoing nuts about that booty
ChrisAction Gámëš
ChrisAction Gámëš Pred 9 meseci
Hit your butt in front of someone you know see their reaction
bytost Pred 9 meseci
I’m a Titanfall fan, not an Apex fan
Chesse Man
Chesse Man Pred 8 meseci
Ohhh my bad I thought you were saying it was bad u good
bytost Pred 9 meseci
Danny Julca I just find Titanfall and Titanfall 2 to be more enjoyable than Apex Legends. I still like Apex Legends though.
Chesse Man
Chesse Man Pred 9 meseci
Azsum Chovek
Azsum Chovek Pred 9 meseci
Did you know: Luke is not a minecraft or fortnite youtuber?
Tohtori Pingviini
Tohtori Pingviini Pred 9 meseci
Btw apex is coming to switch
Good Names Are Taken
Good Names Are Taken Pred 9 meseci
@Titus Parker Not confirmed. It was announced in Ea play. Cross-platform was also announced. slpost.info/dev/hmy0qmGEXWOvw5U/video.html, 8:35
Titus Parker
Titus Parker Pred 9 meseci
Wait really?? When?!
Saber Hassan
Saber Hassan Pred 9 meseci
Can u try apex legend on Nintendo switch when it comes out
CleverTSM_ZK Pred 10 meseci
Me: gets the most sweaty ttv’s ever Luke: claps the most bot people
Connor Fornia
Connor Fornia Pred 10 meseci
Which is Better, Loba or Loba with Luke TheNotables Head.
Content deleted
Content deleted Pred 10 meseci
Luke the notables face on lobs doesn’t exist he can’t hurt you Luke the notable lobas face 0:07
Rivers Captain
Rivers Captain Pred 10 meseci
Luke looks like Leo from mech x
Myst_ Desendant
Myst_ Desendant Pred 10 meseci
The mastiff isn’t new
Polar Pred 10 meseci
Ea: watch video Also Ea:Back 400$
Rhys Wetherill
Rhys Wetherill Pred 10 meseci
I hate apex My my gpu isn't compatible
Rhys Wetherill
Rhys Wetherill Pred 10 meseci
I hate apex My my gpu isn't compatible
Greyson Saneholtz
Greyson Saneholtz Pred 10 meseci
You should do 100 drops with tours in apex
Mycrobyte Pred 10 meseci
Pls do apex 100 drops
Dominic A Channel
Dominic A Channel Pred 10 meseci
I dropped different vidoes then Fortnite 100 times and found out how many 7 year olds are in my fan base and this is what happened
Oscy 7909
Oscy 7909 Pred 10 meseci
14:24 I would much rather as this loba
Sagal Virdi
Sagal Virdi Pred 10 meseci
I opened 500 apex packs and this is what happened
father chingbing
father chingbing Pred 10 meseci
I filed for bankruptcy 100 times and this is what happened.
Ruin ur game
Ruin ur game Pred 10 meseci
Apex is more dead than fortnite
Inhabitable YT
Inhabitable YT Pred 10 meseci
dang he's getting big boy sponsors now
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