Luke and Tors’ Game Night - Biped

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Luke TheNotable

Pred 9 meseci

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Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable Pred 9 meseci
If you want to check out Biped make sure to click this link! Thanks for watching!! #sponsored
jjhooch Pred 2 meseci
@James Hart I am a fan of Luke and tors
jjhooch Pred 2 meseci
I am
Paul Hesser
Paul Hesser Pred 2 meseci
Please do the pro levels
Lukea Duke
Lukea Duke Pred 2 meseci
Make 200 days in Minecraft
Blake gayton
Blake gayton Pred 3 meseci
Can you plz make more of these
Ario Radman
Ario Radman Pred 16 dnevi
green green tea green green tea green red green tea green beans tea green green tea 🍵 green tea green
joel bruneau
joel bruneau Pred 20 dnevi
i did not fink this would be interesting to watch but it was
gulia Pred 27 dnevi
7:00 so tors what ya... what ya doin there
The Scoundrels
The Scoundrels Pred mesecem
More luke and tors game night!
Theresa Bennett
Theresa Bennett Pred mesecem
The spotless astronomy muhly scold because freckle yearly cure afore a troubled processing. fortunate, forgetful ankle
Tanner Austin
Tanner Austin Pred mesecem
what happened to game night?
Riffat Shahzad
Riffat Shahzad Pred mesecem
Woh more plays r ni The gaming
Carina Feng
Carina Feng Pred mesecem
Maybe you could try the game Overcooked. It's the game that breaks relationships and makes people yell at eachother.
TofuDaTurtle Pred mesecem
TofuDaTurtle Pred mesecem
"Very rarely do we end up enemies in the end" _Go ahead, play uno, _*_i dare you two to play it_*
TeamFortressNoob 747
TeamFortressNoob 747 Pred mesecem
pls play Bugsnax! i will like and sub every vid if u do (even tho im subbed)
Jessica Ramirez
Jessica Ramirez Pred mesecem
Yes please
fudgepantz Pred mesecem
Can you make a video with tors playlist on the channel
Doogeth Pred mesecem
I would love to see more of this
Dylan Sonic
Dylan Sonic Pred mesecem
Like notskywalker I am your father
Dylan Sonic
Dylan Sonic Pred mesecem
Eileen Randles
Eileen Randles Pred 2 meseci
I just got biped
darkInside Animations
darkInside Animations Pred mesecem
What if you biped you have to buy two bipes and finish the game hot fire baby thats all i know
Sebastian Ignacio
Sebastian Ignacio Pred 2 meseci
I have someone in my class named Luke
VTT Eclipse
VTT Eclipse Pred 2 meseci
I hate how any video that isn’t a 100 type video doesn’t get as much views as I 100 type video
Cloud Creates
Cloud Creates Pred 2 meseci
Zian Antony
Zian Antony Pred 2 meseci
More with the tors pls
darkInside Animations
darkInside Animations Pred mesecem
Shes not a E gamer So she can't play with him That much
PharaohN 987
PharaohN 987 Pred 2 meseci
this video just proves that Luke and Tors are one of the cutest couples on SLpost
Basement Gamer
Basement Gamer Pred 2 meseci
• Bonnet •
• Bonnet • Pred 2 meseci
And you play Minecraft now you play this game that I forgot it’s Nama Yeah you heard me Minecraft
Mariah Spink
Mariah Spink Pred 3 meseci
Me and my brother are TOTALLY gonna play this :o
John Walsh
John Walsh Pred 3 meseci
onec I wach this I waced evey one he pased
Marija Kame
Marija Kame Pred 3 meseci
Can you make more minecraft videos with tors??
John Fiala
John Fiala Pred 3 meseci
It’s pronounced by-ped but I thought it was bipped lol
Duck Man
Duck Man Pred 3 meseci
Your cool
Foxy The pirate
Foxy The pirate Pred 3 meseci
Here's a tip don't do fast forwarding
Zain Shah
Zain Shah Pred 3 meseci
plzzzzz do more tors 200 days
Ninja_Monkey_2_8 ___
Ninja_Monkey_2_8 ___ Pred 3 meseci
I love watching you play games together
SomeoneOnion Pred 3 meseci
Wait, Space Pod "Onion"?
Made Up
Made Up Pred 3 meseci
9:31. Is it just me or did Tors call Luke Matt.
Icy mint Dragon
Icy mint Dragon Pred 3 meseci
What if you don’t own a couch
Axel Bergwall
Axel Bergwall Pred 3 meseci
Do this again please
Sinister Flame
Sinister Flame Pred 3 meseci
4:35 lololol 69 coins?!?!?!
Erich Esguerra
Erich Esguerra Pred 3 meseci
Denugs 124
Denugs 124 Pred 3 meseci
that moment when you ask your wife "what are we?" and she replies with "were just robots."
Mariah Fencl
Mariah Fencl Pred 3 meseci
Pls make 200 days with tors
Lord OfBaltic
Lord OfBaltic Pred 4 meseci
When will 200 days with tors be uploted?
Robert Margasoiu
Robert Margasoiu Pred 4 meseci
Is exist the Pc version?
Kwame Charles
Kwame Charles Pred 4 meseci
Kwame Charles
Kwame Charles Pred 4 meseci
TheZuccLord -
TheZuccLord - Pred 4 meseci
Just realised like wrote the mini gun manual before getting laid, this man is a mad lad
Marco Figueroa
Marco Figueroa Pred 4 meseci
200 days Luke!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soggy Pickle
Soggy Pickle Pred 4 meseci
Elio Formicone
Elio Formicone Pred 4 meseci
Tors: helps Luke carefully get up to the switch Luke: forcefully slams a stone pillar and launches Tors
Zacheus Yt
Zacheus Yt Pred 4 meseci
I ever play this when i was my in my cousin’s house
superflashboy videos
superflashboy videos Pred 4 meseci
When are you gonna do 200 days with tors in Minecraft and when are gonna do 2000 days in Minecraft hardcore
Tanner Smith
Tanner Smith Pred 4 meseci
those dislikes were accidental this is not what i think i know that i am right not even satans pet pit bull with three heads and all of them have a thirst for others pain would not dislike this video
Dan H
Dan H Pred 4 meseci
Not even Biped can break this relationship. They really are the most notable couple.
Arielle Sherman
Arielle Sherman Pred 4 meseci
pro level
Merritt Moore
Merritt Moore Pred 4 meseci
My mom said if I have a good report card then for Christmas she might get me a Nintendo switch and also let me get Biped
Alaiyna dadabhay Yt
Alaiyna dadabhay Yt Pred 5 meseci
Tate Basinger
Tate Basinger Pred 5 meseci
Dose tors have a Chanel
Alex Gordo
Alex Gordo Pred 5 meseci
Anyone here him call tors Izzy st 2:03
Jackie Wood
Jackie Wood Pred 5 meseci
great channel
Gavin and Liam
Gavin and Liam Pred 5 meseci
I know luke is a name
Gavin and Liam
Gavin and Liam Pred 5 meseci
is her name is tors in real life?😁
David Tal
David Tal Pred 5 meseci
@Luke is there a playlist where you coop games with Tors? ive seen two of them, and ive very much enjoyed those. would love to see more such.
Jose Oyola
Jose Oyola Pred 5 meseci
yes i want to see more plz
animegamer43 Pred 5 meseci
i droped 100 times in Biped
animegamer43 Pred 5 meseci
make this a video by likeing
Dr.FROGMEN 69 Pred 5 meseci
If only I had money:(
Troy Lakin
Troy Lakin Pred 5 meseci
luke you shode play ark a 50 bucks game
Battykrocks Pred 5 meseci
Luke playing this game with his child
AJGaming Pred 5 meseci
the little bots that thay are coltroling look sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Living Meme
Living Meme Pred 5 meseci
Natu The Bird
Natu The Bird Pred 5 meseci
This is Pure.
Filthy Weeb
Filthy Weeb Pred 5 meseci
i wanna see them play "lovers in a dangerous spacetime"
Emmanuel Angelo De Castro
Emmanuel Angelo De Castro Pred 5 meseci
your soo funny luke and tors is even more meme lol
A ghost in the wind
A ghost in the wind Pred 5 meseci
Portal with tors? 1 or 2
Hikey711 Pred 5 meseci
play overcooked
Anime Boy
Anime Boy Pred 5 meseci
4:12 *Anime Betrayal.*
Tyrrill Jazz Waje
Tyrrill Jazz Waje Pred 5 meseci
Luke make a face reviel
LONDON LOLLIS Pred 5 meseci
can u do a 100 days in vr???
Nathan Lam
Nathan Lam Pred 6 meseci
Play subnatica!
Bowen LaValley
Bowen LaValley Pred 6 meseci
Why does no one love the xbox
Avatar Aang
Avatar Aang Pred 6 meseci
Play more of this!!!!!!! Please, you gotta use your manners!
The wenis Man
The wenis Man Pred 6 meseci
I thought it was called Biped as in boped
James Araneta
James Araneta Pred 6 meseci
Bat GamingYT
Bat GamingYT Pred 6 meseci
Can you please make a 2,000 Minecraft Hardcore world with Tors
PoopSeaArcher Pred 6 meseci
i keep dying when i play UwU
ShadeHunter 21
ShadeHunter 21 Pred 6 meseci
03CowKid Pred 6 meseci
I gotta try this with my sister
E Lopez
E Lopez Pred 6 meseci
I loved this vid
Sebastián Robles
Sebastián Robles Pred 6 meseci
Tors giggle was so funny when i was watching
Jerrell Carter
Jerrell Carter Pred 6 meseci
Johnny Lardera Sr.
Johnny Lardera Sr. Pred 7 meseci
You got a girl
DenzelKeegan Silvestre
DenzelKeegan Silvestre Pred 7 meseci
This game is so cute:3
Gloria Madrigal
Gloria Madrigal Pred 7 meseci
Can you please make a 200 days?
Bat GamingYT
Bat GamingYT Pred 7 meseci
Can you do 2000 Minecraft days
Le Diamondé
Le Diamondé Pred 7 meseci
Game night suggestion:hyper scape literally Apex but lazers
Karen Duke
Karen Duke Pred 7 meseci
Is it just me or does Luke sound sad?
Kamila Bonet
Kamila Bonet Pred 7 meseci
As im watching this im sick and this video made my day
aosih Pred 7 meseci
Pls play snipper clips
KALLEN KUMPF Pred 7 meseci
꧁Cats lol꧂シUnkxwn Girłシ
꧁Cats lol꧂シUnkxwn Girłシ Pred 8 meseci
This is..... GOLDY
ebas Pred 8 meseci
Omg thiss reminbs me 0f the dum cartony roblox items 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
ebas Pred 8 meseci
Is this a kib chanel
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