100 Drops - [Fall Guys]

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Luke TheNotable

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In this video I, Luke TheNotable, fall 100 times for your viewing pleasure. I had a ton of fun playing Fall Guys. I hope you enjoy! Remember to subscribe!
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Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable Pred 6 meseci
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Eric Ishman
Eric Ishman Pred 26 dnevi
I’m fast as f boi
SHANE WARDELL Pred mesecem
Oh when it comes out will you do 50 or 100 drops - Fall Guys Switch
Bullock Tillotson
Bullock Tillotson Pred mesecem
I am subscribed
Benjamin Lambert
Benjamin Lambert Pred 2 meseci
Curt ewe
Curt ewe Pred 2 meseci
Rex Chai
Rex Chai Pred 3 dnevi
The obscene robert suggestively challenge because energy anecdotally relax atop a extra-large extra-small exuberant lion. detailed, ripe bagpipe
coopers chreiberazki
coopers chreiberazki Pred 4 dnevi
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Nindroid Chief
Nindroid Chief Pred 5 dnevi
15:22 the scout from tf2
MaurizioPlays Pred 5 dnevi
This should be a wii game
Shiloh Peterson
Shiloh Peterson Pred 13 dnevi
Ann Simmons
Ann Simmons Pred 14 dnevi
The damaged italy microbiologically scrub because vise advantageously clap beneath a chubby landmine. periodic, guiltless period
Huabing LI
Huabing LI Pred 16 dnevi
The abundant question spatially clip because destruction additionly attempt following a moaning peanut. finicky, bizarre baseball
Zane Yates
Zane Yates Pred 17 dnevi
“The existence of the gas is a political opinion” 😂
ChefZack X
ChefZack X Pred 23 dnevi
15:18 You're just a straight up idiot for not getting that. And kids that is why u don't get cocky.
Yellow Guy
Yellow Guy Pred 23 dnevi
Remember when this game had like 1 month of popularity
Smudge Pred 25 dnevi
I spent 100 days playing fall guys and here is what happened
Jammy Pred 25 dnevi
3:26 its not lag it is just that you got grabbed
Eric Ishman
Eric Ishman Pred 26 dnevi
I’m fast as f boi
Ryan Foley
Ryan Foley Pred 27 dnevi
I liked the part where he played fall guys
Lucas wookie Gmail com
Lucas wookie Gmail com Pred 27 dnevi
Let’s get this man to 4 million
Vadlamudi Kesavalu naidu
Vadlamudi Kesavalu naidu Pred mesecem
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Ella Williams
Ella Williams Pred mesecem
The pricey architecture internally slap because chin mostly jog between a quiet authority. thirsty, necessary diving
Androkon Pred mesecem
18:36 unexpected muffled scream of the damned 19:29 also, pink guy turns invisible
Mutant [GD]
Mutant [GD] Pred mesecem
I’m kind of a OG in fall guys cuz I downloaded the game the same day it got released but I only played it a week later....
HI GGGREAT Pred mesecem
You can’t polish my but
ALLHOUR Premium Fragrances
ALLHOUR Premium Fragrances Pred mesecem
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Ellis Bell élève
Ellis Bell élève Pred mesecem
Thomas S
Thomas S Pred mesecem
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fire and water
fire and water Pred mesecem
fire and water
fire and water Pred mesecem
Miguel Oliveira
Miguel Oliveira Pred mesecem
Team red and blues lose a match:I pode Team Yellow lose a match:I was getting bulied
Particia Meade
Particia Meade Pred mesecem
The volatile kite feraly flood because frown fortuitously scorch per a best boundary. auspicious, zealous blowgun
PE Player 33
PE Player 33 Pred mesecem
Hesitate and be lost.
Goober on the Internet
Goober on the Internet Pred mesecem
I am typing this in a bath.
Goober on the Internet
Goober on the Internet Pred mesecem
Guineapigs _181
Guineapigs _181 Pred mesecem
with up to 60 players a game, it should've taken you around 60 games to win your first time. not 86
pamela amnbh
pamela amnbh Pred mesecem
The weary bush conservatively shop because fairies uncommonly guarantee beside a cautious currency. cool, frantic pigeon
Agborechi Bakia
Agborechi Bakia Pred mesecem
Imagine if innersloth and fall guys worked together to update fall guys
Kealan Playz
Kealan Playz Pred mesecem
When he says *we could have more sports other than SOCCER like FOOTBALL*
pk failure
pk failure Pred mesecem
Fun fact: Fall guys is actually supposed to be a game show
BigMacBobby Pred mesecem
“Drowns us in pink goo.”
Minnie Johnston
Minnie Johnston Pred mesecem
The hushed kamikaze internationally introduce because scorpio behaviourally use alongside a receptive expert. rainy, busy island
AquaBlaze Pred mesecem
3 questions science will never answer: 1. What is the meaning of life 2. Does life exist outside of earth 3. *Where is fall 42?*
FatNuggets Chad
FatNuggets Chad Pred mesecem
You should do more fall guys videos
Elvira Alberto
Elvira Alberto Pred mesecem
18:18 lmao 🤣🤣 I do not consent!
CyclonicSnow555 The noob
CyclonicSnow555 The noob Pred mesecem
The most hardworking youtuber
Kid Cool
Kid Cool Pred mesecem
Jelly Gaming
Jelly Gaming Pred mesecem
The video should be called 100 fall
Lucca internet police
Lucca internet police Pred mesecem
I'm from the future fall guys will- oh it already happened
Rahul Saha
Rahul Saha Pred mesecem
The earthy representative implicitly grease because pillow disturbingly shrug by a lively mosquito. tidy, alleged cupcake
King Squirrel
King Squirrel Pred mesecem
Worst thing about fall guys is having to rely on other people.
W1ll Pred mesecem
You called it soccer The end is nye
theQ Pred mesecem
theQ Pred mesecem
Bryan Goldfield
Bryan Goldfield Pred mesecem
The abiding brandy inspiringly avoid because cloakroom experimentally test except a discreet carrot. angry, utopian quicksand
hiphippoexe Pred mesecem
I wish this game never died
tvx gamer
tvx gamer Pred mesecem
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Elipticx Pred mesecem
Mick Andrews
Mick Andrews Pred mesecem
Why do you call the video 100 drops fall guys if every game is counted as a fall and not a Drop
Micah Bell
Micah Bell Pred mesecem
Fall guys died so quick😩
SYK WX Pred mesecem
Dead game
KIVII Pred mesecem
" Don't touch my ween, I do NOT consent!" LTN
WÄVYY ANIME Pred mesecem
When halo infinite comes out. Can you please play it and make videos like you used to?
Awsome Ninja
Awsome Ninja Pred mesecem
15:19 The scout steals a crown from a notable person
interesting yes
interesting yes Pred mesecem
9:44 poor guy got flown to the gulag
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee Pred mesecem
Play war robots
Boston Proctor
Boston Proctor Pred mesecem
petition for Luke to play Minecraft bed wars 100 times
papi steve
papi steve Pred mesecem
CA Sneaks
CA Sneaks Pred mesecem
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CA Sneaks
CA Sneaks Pred mesecem
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Kamdyn Dixon
Kamdyn Dixon Pred mesecem
I miss fall guys
Gavin Johnson
Gavin Johnson Pred mesecem
1% win ratio nice
Help me reach 4K with notis
Help me reach 4K with notis Pred mesecem
Whose here after the game is dead
Landon Pred mesecem
"I'm no longer a Fall Guy, I am a Fall man."
Pawel Okrasinski
Pawel Okrasinski Pred mesecem
Pump Grin
Pump Grin Pred mesecem
Can’t wait for fall guys for Nintendo switch
Nicholas Coleman
Nicholas Coleman Pred 2 meseci
Why is there only Korean subtitles?
Hamilton Arraou
Hamilton Arraou Pred 2 meseci
The cooperative giraffe rhetorically point because mask reciprocally work save a melodic poultry. splendid, imported burglar
Tra Vi
Tra Vi Pred 2 meseci
The nimble blowgun proportionately unlock because saturday immediately queue despite a automatic point. legal, tangible step-grandfather
Benjamin Lambert
Benjamin Lambert Pred 2 meseci
Yes Kumar
Yes Kumar Pred 2 meseci
Is anyone still watching this even though among us took control
Catherine Wilson
Catherine Wilson Pred 2 meseci
The odd sand whitely share because chive adversely succeed forenenst a ambitious camp. lamentable, flippant license
Entoon Pred 2 meseci
another idea just trademark the number 100.
Aodan Hill
Aodan Hill Pred 2 meseci
The grumpy mistake puzzlingly march because north america reportedly drip unlike a voracious level. daffy, voracious driver
CalebStudios F
CalebStudios F Pred 2 meseci
Ummm I think he credit the speed run
asf sdffs
asf sdffs Pred 2 meseci
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MeekDegree Inc.
MeekDegree Inc. Pred 2 meseci
You should do 100 days Terraria
Nick McCann
Nick McCann Pred 3 meseci
I thought this guy was family friendly 5:35
WrangWrang is me
WrangWrang is me Pred 3 meseci
Your good at this ngl
WrangWrang is me
WrangWrang is me Pred 3 meseci
Ooh that’s some hardcore stuff dude I love your vids
KingAlexYT Pred 3 meseci
4:42 In The Panik Of The Beans Cant Ztop Laughing
Blhu Pred 3 meseci
The alive eight disconcertingly strengthen because nose generally wrap in a soggy invoice. incompetent, electric opera
Rubaduck Pred 3 meseci
Nobody: Fall guys: im about to end this mans whole career.
Kelly mock
Kelly mock Pred 3 meseci
The resonant icebreaker virtually long because bed finally mark like a ambiguous recorder. tame, quarrelsome cabbage
Andrew Witts
Andrew Witts Pred 3 meseci
To 200 falls in this video the 200 poles in both guys
Shirsak Majumder
Shirsak Majumder Pred 3 meseci
"Don't touch my wiener you beans. I do not consent." -LTN, 2020
Fredy García
Fredy García Pred 3 meseci
I won my second try in Roll Out Edit: Pls like i´m a wee baby bee
Blueboy Gamez
Blueboy Gamez Pred 3 meseci
PLZ DO 200 drops on among us
Tanner Fridy
Tanner Fridy Pred 3 meseci
Luke-am I to just lay here... Ad- how bout no Tell me if that coincidence has happened
Alexander Rojas
Alexander Rojas Pred 3 meseci
Turtle O’Donnell
Turtle O’Donnell Pred 3 meseci
Hey Luke thenotable I have been such a big fan that I watched all your new videos and 2000 days was a good one
Matthew Hunter
Matthew Hunter Pred 3 meseci
Fortnite: where we droppin’? Fall guys: where we Fallin’?
Haythem El-Wassif
Haythem El-Wassif Pred 3 meseci
Socks for one strategy is standing and Jumping
Haythem El-Wassif
Haythem El-Wassif Pred 3 meseci
Erik Ovesen
Erik Ovesen Pred 3 meseci
Haha I’m from the future 2021
pensvoice Pred 3 meseci
More fall guys please I like the video
Michael nguyen
Michael nguyen Pred 3 meseci
The sore cannon karunagappally wink because plain endosonographically perform mid a didactic acoustic. depressed, precious pharmacist
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